The Food Multiplies




The Last Will Be First And The First Will Be Last (Matthew 20:16)


Today started out as every day here.  The sounds of children singing in the darkness at 4:30am, the pounding of the metal pot to signal breakfast is ready at 6am, morning prayer and worship at 7-8:30am.  But today something was different.  I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit strong today and could feel that something was taking place in the spirit realm.  I wanted to just go to a quiet place and spend some alone time in prayer, but I needed to take a broom down to the afternoon village feeding. 


As I arrived to 200 children sitting in the feeding building waiting not so patiently to be fed, I began to feel in my heart the move of the spirit.  I told them a story and began to dance with them.  Then the feeding began.  Chaos began taking place with the children as usual while they fought their way to the front of the line in fear to be last just in case there would not be enough.  We poured water into their mouths from large water bottles as the children bent their heads back like little birds waiting for a drink.  Then the food was served. 


As we got to the last 100 children we realized there would not be enough and we started to ration the food out.  Then there they were, the last 34 children that were trampled and beat on by the previous children remained waiting in a perfectly straight line.  Fear filled their eyes as we all stood looking into the empty pots and plates.  The food was gone, all of it.  All the helpers gathered around the pot and held hands as children watched on with blank faces and somber silence.  We began to pray and ask God to multiply the food, we prayed fervently as tears streamed down my face.  “Feed these children Lord, multiply the food,” we cried out.  But as we opened our eyes the pot remained empty. 


I felt defeated but I just kept praying.  One of the staff went to find some more food and managed to get a pot of rice for only 10 children.  I ran to my room with another girl to grab all the bread and biscuits we had.  We ran back to watch as the pot of rice that would only feed 10 had miraculously filled 40 plates to the top.  We tore up the bread and biscuits and added it to the plates of food.  The children looked on with eyes wide open at the feast that was presented before them.  Then one of the missionaries spoke the words Jesus spoke in Matthew 20:16, “The last will be first and the first will be last.”  We handed out all the food and the children ran off with their plates in excitement. 


Our ways are not always the Lord’s ways, but when He provides a miracle it is not only humbling, it is a feast from the Heavens, abundantly more than we could have hoped for.  Thank you Lord for your supernatural provision and love. Amen.


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