God’s Love For All

June 2006
Lake Kariba, Zambia


It was just before sundown.  I had been walking through a village going hut-to-hut evangelizing. As I walked about 50 children gathered behind me. I began to sing and get the children involved with shouts of Halleluiah in broken English at the end of each verse.  I was having so much fun with the children I neglected to notice the heard of cattle I was proceeding to walk into.  A small boy jumped in front of me to stop me from getting trampled on and I took a photo.  The suns last rays of the day peered through the trees to highlight the dust being kicked up by the cows.  The world went silent for a brief moment, God’s grandeur consumed my little space in life.  All that echoed was distant laughter of the children, then suddenly like a dream ending, we carried on walking.

  As we walked a little girl tugged on my skirt and I stopped. I looked down at her and she wanted to be picked up, she was tired. I picked her up and carried her for about a mile. In that time she had fallen sound asleep in my arms.  

The Lord had spoken to me. He told me that it did not matter who this child was, where she was from, what language she spoke or color of skin she had. He had entrusted her care to me for this brief time. She was my responsibility to pray for and to look after. She had fallen asleep so peacefully it was as if I was her mother, and for that brief mile I was, she saw no difference. She just felt Gods love and peace in my arms.  

God showed me in that moment that we are all Gods children regardless of who we are or where we come from. And He entrusts people into our care even if only for brief moments. To share the love God shares with us. He wants us to love others as He loves us. It is that simple. To connect with others so that Christ can build a bridge from our hearts to theirs that he can walk across.  

So I challenge you today to love those the Lords puts in your path a little more the way that God loves you, even if they cross your path for a brief moment or mile, regardless of who they are. We are all one people, we all hurt from time to time, and when we are hurt we all bleed the same blood that flows through the veins of Christ and back into ours, believers and unbelievers alike. These moments are precious, don’t miss out on your divine appointment with one of God’s children.



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