Disciple The Nations (Part Two)

Fire Fall Down



It’s our fifth discipleship group today and the group has grown to about 12 (I jokingly say to Sasha, we have the 12 disciples, and she replies, we need 12 more because there are two of us.).  I woke up today with an excitement in my spirit.  As I began to worship this morning I knew that I knew the Holy Spirit was about to do something amazing tonight in our group.  I worshiped all day in anticipation.


Yesterday our topic was baptism in the Holy Spirit.  We prayed with the young men to receive the Holy Spirit.  (This culture is very interesting.  I have been learning that the Western world gets very excited about miracles, signs and wonders.  While here in Africa when spiritual things happen it is so very matter of fact and it is nothing to get excited about). As we prayed fervently it seemed as though nothing was happening.  We kept praying for a long time until I said to one that I was praying with I would continue to pray for him and he should keep seeking until it happens.  About 5 minutes later this young man walked up to me very calmly and said he needed to tell me that he saw the Holy Spirit like fire underneath the Baobab tree and while we prayed it rushed across the garden and entered him and went into his heart and it felt like the hot burning fire entered his body.  He then very calmly walked away as if nothing happened. 


As I began to prepare for the topic of study tonight, Holy Spirit prompted me to teach on servant hood.  What it means to be a true servant of Christ.  I was given the scripture John 13 Jesus washes His disciples feet.   I had a vision as I prayed and saw all the young men washing each other’s feet.  I knew tonight was going to be powerful!


There have been many demonic attacks on our group, before during and after each session. Holy Spirit has been teaching me that we must stand in the authority given to us through Christ, this is a spiritual war we fight not an earthly one. So Sasha and I have been taking authority over the prayer hut prior to our sessions and praying in covering and peace and it has made all the difference.  This night there was a strong presence of peace throughout the prayer hut, as if we were somewhere else entirely.


Tonight I knew it was such an important night.  We prepared 4 basins of water and I placed them around the circular prayer hut.  I spoke to the guys about true servant hood and explained why Jesus washed His disciples feet and told us to do the same.  I asked them if in remembrance of Him and His command to serve one another if they would like to wash each others feet and to pray for one another while doing it.  At first they were a bit hesitant, a few of the problem guys in the group just sat there with their arms crossed and silent.  Then they all agreed.  I strategically paired them up so that the rivaling guys would wash each other’s feet.  As I assigned them to a basin they sheepishly walked over.  I did not know what to expect but what happened next I will never forget for the rest of my life.


The moment the guys put their feet in the water they began to pray fervently for one another.  As the other began to wash the feet, spontaneous prayer and worship broke out from the guys waiting their turn.  (Definitely not the usual goofing off that takes place any quiet chance that arises.)  The prayer was intense, so intense the guys were taking their time washing each other’s feet so they could soak in the presence of the Holy Spirit even longer.   Then the true worship began.  Some of the guys began walking around the prayer hut praying in tongues, praising the Lord, while other’s were slain in the Spirit on the ground hands up in worship.  Others would finish washing their feet and then grab their bibles and with an excitement they began to show whoever was sitting next to them a scripture they just stumbled upon and they intently began to read it together.  While yet others were flat on their faces and could not move. 


But the most powerful of all was when the peaceful silence of the prayer hut filled with spontaneous singing that would jump from one of the guys to the next and to the next.  I was filled so much with the presence of the Holy Spirit my legs went week and I fell to the ground laughing and in tears as the voices of these young men echoed like angels in heaven and I am convinced that is exactly what they sounded like. 


There was a young man there that the Lord told me we needed to lift up and encourage as a leader.  For the past several studies he had been stepping up and taking the lead with translating, praying for the others and giving messages.  Tonight he had helped me translate and during this whole event he laid hands and prayed for each of the guys as this all went on.  He was the only one who had not had his feet washed.  Holy Spirit prompted me to wash his feet.


I knelt down and began to wash his feet and the presence of the Lord was so strong I just started weeping and praying in tongues.  The young man began to be filled with the Holy Spirit and his body just jolted about.  Sasha saw me washing his feet and began to walk towards us to lay hands on him and pray.  She made it to only three feet from him and was slain to the ground in the Spirit.  The Lord showed me he would be the one that would lead these young men when we leave.  That he would equip and raise up his people to reach out into the nation.  


As I finished washing his feet and proceeded to walk away, I fell to the ground unable to move.  I couldn’t even speak as I realized I was watching the heavens open up right where we were and the lives of these young men being filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit.  Tears streamed down my face.  One right after the next, being slain in the Spirit, making heavenly melodies with their voices, devouring the word of God, and praying with all their hearts for one another.  It just wouldn’t stop.  It was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed in all my life.


This night I was gloriously wrecked.  We all were gloriously wrecked.  And we knew this was only a taste of what was yet to come.  It was just a glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven…I hungered for more.  This was the night I began to pray to the Lord for a supernatural hunger and thirst that would be unquenchable, keeping me always longing for more, until the day I will actually see His face.  A new hunger had begun…



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