Disciple the Nations (Part Three)

reaching-into-the-nations-blog1The Last Supper

It has been three weeks of bible studies.  Nightly the group grows.  Holy Spirit comes with Fire from Heaven and meets us in this place.  The other night Sasha led the study teaching about Communion.  Here is Sasha’s journal entry, enjoy:

We had fifteen guys in our discipleship group tonight, and seven visitors.  It’s awesome to see how the other visitors have taken an interest and are joining our Bible Study.  I love that this is such a move of God and it is greater than just Anita and I leading a Bible Study! 

Tonight, I taught on Communion from 1 Corinthians 11:23-32.  I talked about the Last Supper and how Jesus talked to his disciples about his sacrifice for us, and how much He loves us.  I also talked about the importance of confessing our sins, and God’s promise that He is faithful to forgive us (1 John 1:8-10). 

Afterward, we asked the guys to go off on their own and spend time in prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to examine their hearts.  Then they were to repent and receive forgiveness.  Once they were done praying, each guy came and took Communion from us.  It was really powerful.  All the guys took it seriously and prayed quietly.  In our communal prayer time at the end, various guys would take turns leading in prayer, and several of them were slain in the Spirit and one of them got baptized with Holy Spirit laughter! It was awesome. 

There were times when I was uncomfortable because the praying would get loud and in my mind somewhat obnoxious, but I was reminded that Holy Spirit was in control and who was I to say how He should manifest in another.  So I just surrendered to Him; I never want to put the Holy Spirit in a box or confine Him because I don’t want to miss out on the fullness of what He wants to do in my life. 

The prayer time turned into spontaneous worship, which was wonderful and powerful also.  Holy Spirit, thank You for being faithful in meeting with us.  I am so excited about the work You are doing in each of the guys.  I surrender to You and the will of the Father.  Amen



One Response to “Disciple the Nations (Part Three)”

  1. Wenelda Zurrin Says:

    I found your photos on the web and was incredibly inspired by the emotions you captured in their faces. I love your heart and how God is using you.
    I have a question for you that you may or may not be able to help me with ?
    Recently ( as in April 2009) I was at a conference in Kelowna Canada called Eyes and Wings. At that conference God told me to pick up a paint brush and start painting children. What you have to realize is that I have never painted before and this was a step of faith . During the conference a man approached me and asked if I would committ to painting 15 pictures over the year to raise money for an organization called Hope for the Nations & Be a Hero. I reluctantly said yes and threw all my faith in God that He knew what he was doing!
    It has been an amazing journey of trust and faith and complete amazement to how God has worked through my hands. I am on painting # 13 and I know God wants me to keep going on this journey. \
    My question to you is this:
    I am so inspiried by your beautiful photographs , I want to paint photos that have meaning behind them, not just paint pictures I see on the web.
    Every painting I have done has been prayed over many hours that God would release much blessings over it and it would raise many dollars for its cause.
    I make no money at the pictures I paint, not one cent! This gift God has given me every penny goes to helping this organization provide for these orphanages and homes all over the world.
    Would you be willing to help me in this cause by providing me subjects to paint?
    I can send you photos of what I have done so far.

    Thank you for your time
    In Christ

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