Big Shoes

July 2007
Sibulo Village, Western Zambiaex-german-military-vehicle.jpg

I drove in an ex German military vehicle for 12 hours to reach a village in the middle of nowhere to whom no one had ever saw a white person before or ever heard of the love of Christ.  When we arrived the villagers ran and hid in their huts from us.  There is an African legend that white men are Satanists and will steal the villagers’ children.  But after three days of intense ministry and sharing the love of Christ, I watched as the entire village gave their lives to Christ and no longer believed in that legend. 

As we were about to leave a woman walked up to me and took me by the hand and walked me to her hut.  She left me by the door as she walked in to get something.  She came out with this blue hair clip.  She apologized for not having anything to give me and she put it in my hair. I was speechless that someone with so little would give me the best thing she had.  She looked at me and asked me to not forget about her and to pray for her.  I wanted to give her something in return but I had nothing with me. Her child was standing in front of me and I noticed she was holding a broken sandal.  I took my sandals off my feet and gave them to the child and watched as she tried her best to walk in them.   

As I looked at her tiny feet in my big sandals the Lord showed me that we are all like that small child.  Christ gives each one of us his sandals to wear on our feet and it is up to us to try to walk in them.  They always seem too big for us to fill but the more we walk in them the more they will begin to fit. 

This journey the Lord has walked with me on has been a true walk of faith and trust with many times when it got hard and I wanted to give up.  But had I not walked in his shoes I would have missed meeting that woman and praying with her and her child and all the other divine appointments the Lord had sent me to reach. 

May I encourage you today to put on Christ’s shoes and walk in them, even if they seem too big for you.  Christ has a plan for each of our lives and he may give us a glimpse of that vision, but it is up to us to take it step by step, growing into his shoes until you reach the final destination. He never said the walk would be easy, but He does promise it will be greater than you ever expected.  Because you never know whom God may send you to reach with His shoes on your feet. 



One Response to “Big Shoes”

  1. Wow!! I love how the Holy Spirit nudges my liffe through your words!! Thank You!! My prayers are with you……..God Bless!

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