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Hope Multiplied By 15…………………………Window Into Africa 2008!

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 Greetings from Zambia!!!

In a time like today people all around the world are faced with the question, “will I still have enough?”…

Can you imagine standing in front of completely empty shelves at the grocery store??

That’s what is happening here right now..

The cost of the remaining food is sky rocketing and there are numerous Zimbabweans lining up at our grocery stores buying out entire shelves of food because they don’t have any food or clean water in their country, just trying to survive.  Meanwhile here all major income sectors, mining, hunting, and tourism have decreased dramatically causing businesses to close daily.  While employed, one employee’s income feeds a total of 15 people in their extended family, now he needs hope multiplied by 15!

 More than ever people need the too-good-to-be-true news of the gospel!  

In times like this we have to keep the eyes of our hearts focused on the finished work of Cross, remembering that we are Christ’s hands and feet that He sent to reach out to those who are in need.    

For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me.’… “And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’   Matthew 25:35-36 & 40

We are prayerfully thankful for all of the supporters back in the states who faithfully give offerings to us monthly.  Your faithfulness allows us to continue to spread the gospel here in Zambia and bring hope in a time when it is needed more than ever!

Here is the link to my 2008 Window Into Africa photo gallery. May you be abundantly blessed as you view the lives you helped us to reach in 2008 with your prayers, financial support, and faithfulness

Window Into Africa 2008

God Bless,

Heiko & Anita In Africa



How Great Is The Love The Father Has Lavished On Us…1 John 3:1

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Heiko Oliver Held & Anita Marie Phelps
Married on 26th of November, 2008
Livingstone Island, Zambia



How do you explain?

How do you describe?

A love that goes from east to west

And runs as deep as it is wide?


You know all our hopes.

Lord you know all our fears.

And words can not express the love we feel,

But we long for you…to hear.


So listen to our hearts

And hear our spirits sing.

A song of praise

From those you have redeemed.


We will use the words we know

To tell you what an awesome God you are.

But words are not enough

To tell you of our love.

So listen to our hearts…


If words can fall like rain

From these lips of mine.

If I have a thousand years

I will still run out of time


So if You listen to my heart,

Every beat will say,

Thank you for the life,

Thank you for the truth,

Thank you for the way.



The Kiss
 By Heiko Oliver Held

My whole world is reduced to one kiss…
I am kissing the bride.

I have only one sense remaining – the glorious feeling – of her lips on mine,

soft, very gentle, yet demanding, hoping.


The darkness behind my closed eyes is complete. Only feeling remains. Her body close to mine, her arms around me.

We are holding on to each other tight – very close from the edge where the Zambezi river usually drops with great thunder into the Batoka gorge.


We are on Livingstone Island, called so in honour of his name, yet no water surrounding it now in this November.

Eleven days (and 103 years..) later after David Livingstone arrived and spoke his magnificent words:  “.. as beautiful as flying angels, looking into heaven.”

I truly am  – right now in heaven here on earth.

Because my whole world is reduced to: The only sensual feeling of this kiss.

Time fades, nothing else matters. My being, my whole self is reduced to – nothing.

Just then my bride hears Gods voice in her heart, saying “everything!” , and all I feel is her lips gently removing from mine, uttering softly only one word: “everything”.


And in my rejoicing heart the eternal equation of life unfolds:


Jesus plus my nothing equals everything!




Wedding Day Video coming soon!

Taken up to Heaven

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Hear the voice of the Father… don’t let anything hold you back…Father… He is calling you…come up here, come up now…my Beloved. (These are the words of a song by Jason Upton…they ushered me in to the presence…)


I heard Jesus speak to me, “ Our Father has created you for me.  You must give yourself to me wholeheartedly. As my Bride, the one I love so much.  I am so in love with you, passionately, intimately.  You are my chosen one.  I have chosen you to be my Bride out of all the Princesses.  I have chosen you to be my Bride, My One, My Chosen.  I am so madly in love with you, you are all I can see, and you are the most beautiful.  I am your completeness, your full measure of Love filling you and over pouring, never ending.  You are my delight, my Queen, My one Holy passion that the Father has sealed with a Holy kiss.  You are My Pure Joy… My Reward for My faithfulness on the cross.  My Beloved.  So come up here to me My Bride, My lover of My soul, come up here to me and stand with me before the Father. Be bound to me for eternity as your Husband, your lover, your intimate passion and desire, your true provider, your all and all, your everything, your completeness in the Father.  You are My Beloved.  I have made you beautiful Forever.”


Then suddenly He took me up into the Heavens before the throne of the Father…I stood before him in a white flowing gown.  He was in a white fluid shirt and pants.  He wore a golden crown of garland.  He said, “ I have been waiting for you all your life.  I watched you from the beginning in your mother’s womb.  I took you into our secret garden when you were a child and I watched you grow.  I was there with you every second of your life.  You are so beautiful; you have always been so beautiful.  I have been so in love with you as I waited for you to grow.”  He placed a beautiful crown of white flowers intertwined with gold and green garland on my head.  “I have crowned you with beauty and splendor that can never fade.  I have crowned you beautiful… forever.  You have always been beautiful, you could never have been tarnished.”  He gently touched my face as I touched His and He kissed me on the forehead. My eyes gently closed to linger in that moment a little longer, to feel his Holy lips on my forehead.  I fall to my knees and He joins me, never for one second looking away.  “I have waited a long time for this moment,” says Jesus.  “I am with you always, I can never leave you.”  We stood up and He began to dance with me before the Father.  He said, “ I have placed all the desires in your heart in our secret place when you were a child.  I filled you with all of your hope and love.  You have been promised to me from the Father even before you were born.  I have loved you all along.  You are My Holy passion and one desire.  I love you my Beloved.”



I stood mesmerized before Him with the warmth of the Father looking upon us, filling us, overflowing.  There have never been ashes, you have been beautiful to me all along.  This is all I could see when I look at you, from the beginning before you were born, through your youth, until now and for eternity.  I have loved you so much that love is all I could ever see in you.  There is nothing you could do or nothing you have already done that could change that, nothing.  Come up here so I can heal all the scars with my love.  I fill them all with my love that is never ending and flowing and pouring onto you whenever you need it.  I am your full measure, your completeness, and your wholeness.  I am right here by your side for all eternity My Beautiful, My Beloved,” says the Lord.  “You can always come up here, I will be anxiously waiting for you.”

“Walk With Me,” says Jesus

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Revelation: Key to the Kingdom of Heaven

I was praising and worshiping the Lord early one morning in the prayer hut.  I was all alone basking in the glory of the sun shining through as I looked down over the base and further to the ocean.  The sun reflected onto the water like molten silver.  As I sang praises to the Lord the beauty magnified and it felt like the molten silver turned into a luxurious oil that was suddenly covering my body, filling me with the Love of the Father.  With my hands raised in praise I heard the voice of Jesus say, “Walk with me into the garden.”  In my spirit I could feel the presence of Jesus standing right next to me, His love radiating from Him onto me like the molten love of the sea.


We began to walk out of the prayer hut into the garden that was dry and brown.  We walked to a bench and He said to me, “Sit with me here.”  I sat down and tucked my knees into my chest and gently rocked side to side as if Jesus was holding me and rocking me back and forth like a small child.  I spoke to Jesus and asked Him why did everything have to be dead, why couldn’t we just be transported into the Garden of Eden right now?  He replied to me, “We are.  Just focus on all the life in front of you.”  Suddenly I began to notice all the small daisies hiding in the weeds.  The colors began to magnify.  In an instant small butterflies appeared and were fluttering about the flowers.  I had to touch a flower to believe what I was seeing and I reached down and put my finger on a petal and a small butterfly landed on my finger.  Amazed, I began to look all around.  All I could see were the trees and leaves that were alive, the flowers and vines that crawled through the dead grass and weeds, the flowers blooming amongst the thicket.  The colors…they were all magnified like glistening gemstones.  I sat there speechless, mesmerized at the beauty of God’s love like a firework display before my eyes. 


Then Jesus spoke to me.  He said, “You can always enter into the Kingdom any time you want to, all you have to do is focus on what is alive in front of you.  Death will always be all around, but if you can seek what is alive with life, then you will begin to witness the Kingdom of Heaven manifest here on earth.”


Then He spoke again and said, “Come walk with me.”  I got up and began to walk with Jesus back to the prayer hut where I first heard His voice.  We stood once again overlooking the ocean.  He said, “ This is just a glimpse of how wide and deep the Father’s love really is.  And He created it just for you.  Just focus on what is alive.”  And suddenly I stood there weeping and Jesus voice was gone, but the presence of the Fathers Love filled me to overflowing.


It was Sasha and my last day in Pemba.  We sat and began to journal and the Lord revealed to me that He had given me the answer to my second prayer that we had prayed together when we came here.  We had asked the Lord to show us how to access ALL of the Kingdom of Heaven while we were here on earth.  Suddenly the Lord spoke. He said, “Here is a key to the Kingdom of Heaven, you have been given full access with this key.” 
Then Jesus showed me that I must ask Holy Spirit to birth in my spirit Belief, of the unseen.  I must speak and declare the promises of God out over my life as if it were really in front of me.  In time and faith, belief will be become manifest into existence.  The more I focus on life and the light of things instead of death and darkness I will begin to see more and more of the light of the Kingdom and less of the darkness of the world. The Kingdom of Heaven will manifest before my eyes right here on earth.  Or I should say, the veil of this world will fade away and I will see with the true eyes of the Kingdom instead of the blind eyes of this world. I must just Believe and speak it out, declaring it over my life in Faith.

As I journey to my next divine destination I hold on tightly to this key.  The key to experience life in it’s abundance the way the Lord intended from the beginning.  My spirit is excited for the adventure and revelation ahead.  Thank you Lord for your unfailing love for me and never giving up on me.  Thank you that your love surpasses everything in my life and you bring everything to pass in it’s perfect time.  Thank you for such a time as this.  Here am I Lord, I am all yours!




Disciple The Nations (The Final Message)

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A Double Portion of God’s Love Poured Out

It is our last night with the young men.  If you count Sasha, Virginia, a UK missionary and myself, then tonight Sasha’s wish of each of us having 12 disciples came to pass.  There were 24 of us this night.   I had miraculously managed to find them all a bible by tonight.  For the first time they all had one with their very own name written in it. 


I prayed and worshiped all day.  I wanted tonight to be really special for these guys.  I spent hours of my day baking a chocolate cake and I prepared cola flavored water.  But my heart was saddened.  I did not want this to be the last night.  I wanted to stay here forever and watch these young men continue to be transformed into men of God. 


This morning I had a vision of all of the guys singing and dancing.  That is my most favorite thing to experience in Africa.  To dance among the indigenous and listen to the power in their voices worshiping God.  It is a completely uninhibited sound and feeling of worship I have never experienced in America.  I must say this is one of the things that keep my soul longing to be in Africa. 


Last night after bible study I had to pull aside some of the problematic troublemakers, rebuke them and encourage them to walk in a righteous path.  I felt bad about it afterward, especially because this was not how I wanted to end my time here.  Then the Lord very sternly reminded me that He disciplines those He loves.  Then I felt peace about it.   My hope now was that they would still come to the final meeting and celebrate with us.


They did come and Sasha and I spoke to the group to encourage them all that God had a purpose and a plan for their lives and to never lose hope but keep their eyes set on Jesus; and dream Big.  Then we had prayer and shared the cake I made for them. 


We dished it out and there was a small piece left.  We handed the plate to the young man who had been stepping up in leadership.  All of the guys surrounded him and in a matter of seconds the plate that was once covered in a layer of frosting now looked like it had been washed clean.  Sasha and I stood in amazement and laughed.


We then all gathered in a circle and started to worship.  The guys took turns leading in song and dance and we all gathered in.  We had so much fun, I did not want it to stop.  I just imagine this is how worship is in Heaven and I could feel the Lord smile down on us from above. 


The night was coming to a close and Sasha and I stood in the middle of the circle as the guys prayed over us.  Afterwards we had to say goodbye to the guys.  The young man that was stepping into leadership asked us if we could tell the group he wanted to start assisting with the teaching.  A guy from the UK had arrived a few days earlier and said we could pass the torch off to him while he was here.  So we informed the group they would both be taking over the bible study group.  The guys started to oppose their peer but he stood firm and told me he would teach even if only one showed up.  I was very proud of him and I trust the UK missionary will teach him how to walk in the shoes of a leader through the Holy Spirit.  I can’t wait to find out what happens.


As I was about to say my last goodbyes I began to fight back the tears.  In that moment I said to the Lord, “Lord I would give up all my dreams, my desires, my life, joyfully, rejoicing, if only you would let me stay here and show your love to these young men so they can change this nation.”  That was the cry of my heart and I meant it with all my heart, my entire mind, and all my spirit.  I would give everything to stay here with them and pour out God’s love. 


Then the Lord spoke to me.  He reminded me that my prayer from before I arrived here was to experience a double portion of His Love.  He said, “This is My double portion, my pure heart, and I am pouring it out and giving it to you, this is what it feels like.  When you can lay down your life willingly with a joyful heart, mind and spirit, for the life of another.  This is my true heart and love and I am imparting it to you.  You will always know whom I have called you to by this outpouring of my love.  You will experience this with each one I send you to reach.  And you will impart my love to them through My Holy Spirit.” 


I was completely wrecked.  The pain I felt in my heart to leave these guys that I loved more than my own life…I just don’t have words to express what I felt in that moment, even now.  All I know is that I have been gloriously wrecked.  I am not the same person.  In an instant I am the remains of a person who has seen a glimpse of the Father.  My life will never again be my own.  I give it all to Him to do with as He pleases.  I will go anywhere and do anything He asks of me if only I can experience more of this flesh shattering love.  Everything else seems so meaningless.  Only His love has meaning.  Meaning that those who have had a glimpse of the Father can truly understand.


With His pure love the Heavens open up and the supernatural becomes the natural and the world as we know it slowly begins to fade into the landscape.  On earth as it is in Heaven becomes manifest where we can access it through the guidance of Holy Spirit.  My hunger and thirst has just become even more unquenchable.  Thank you Abba Father for your pure love, for drawing near to me as I draw near to you.  For answering my prayer and teaching me that your ways are so much higher than my own.  I will chase after you all the days of my life until I can finally be held in your arms. Nothing else matters more.  Here am I Lord, I am all yours, do with me, as you will.  Amen.


Tomorrow is my last day here before I journey to Zambia on my next mission.  I can feel in my spirit something powerful is going to happen tomorrow.  With a very humble heart and extreme anticipation I wait for tomorrow to come…for Holy Spirit to come and to answer my second prayer when I arrived here, that I may have the key to access the Kingdom of Heaven while I am here on earth…in faith I believe He will answer…so in anticipation I wait for tomorrow to come…

A very cool thing happened when we began these studies.

(Here is a passage from Sasha’s journal):

At the end of one of our teachings, we broke off into three small groups to pray.  One of the guys who is quiet and we don’t know too well yet, said that he had seen an Angel and had a message to share with us.  He spoke through a translator and said to Anita: “I saw an Angel stand before you and he looked into my eyes. As I looked into the angel’s eyes, the angel said to me: The Holy Spirit is with these girls.  God has given these white women the teachings in their hands. The angel instructed me that all of us guys should listen to what you have to say because He had given you the words to speak and poured into your hands all the teachings that you would impart to us.  The angel told me that the time is short so it is very important that we listen to all the words that you girls have to say because you will have to leave soon.”

In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people.  Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.  Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy.” (Acts 2:17-18).

Disciple The Nations (Part Three)

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The Last Supper

It has been three weeks of bible studies.  Nightly the group grows.  Holy Spirit comes with Fire from Heaven and meets us in this place.  The other night Sasha led the study teaching about Communion.  Here is Sasha’s journal entry, enjoy:


We had fifteen guys in our discipleship group tonight, and seven visitors.  It’s awesome to see how the other visitors have taken an interest and are joining our Bible Study.  I love that this is such a move of God and it is greater than just Anita and I leading a Bible Study! 


Tonight, I taught on Communion from 1 Corinthians 11:23-32.  I talked about the Last Supper and how Jesus talked to his disciples about his sacrifice for us, and how much He loves us.  I also talked about the importance of confessing our sins, and God’s promise that He is faithful to forgive us (1 John 1:8-10). 


Afterward, we asked the guys to go off on their own and spend time in prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to examine their hearts.  Then they were to repent and receive forgiveness.  Once they were done praying, each guy came and took Communion from us.  It was really powerful.  All the guys took it seriously and prayed quietly.  In our communal prayer time at the end, various guys would take turns leading in prayer, and several of them were slain in the Spirit and one of them got baptized with Holy Spirit laughter! It was awesome. 


There were times when I was uncomfortable because the praying would get loud and in my mind somewhat obnoxious, but I was reminded that Holy Spirit was in control and who was I to say how He should manifest in another.  So I just surrendered to Him; I never want to put the Holy Spirit in a box or confine Him because I don’t want to miss out on the fullness of what He wants to do in my life. 


The prayer time turned into spontaneous worship, which was wonderful and powerful also.  Holy Spirit, thank You for being faithful in meeting with us.  I am so excited about the work You are doing in each of the guys.  I surrender to You and the will of the Father.  Amen

Disciple The Nations (Part Two)

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Fire Fall Down



It’s our fifth discipleship group today and the group has grown to about 12 (I jokingly say to Sasha, we have the 12 disciples, and she replies, we need 12 more because there are two of us.).  I woke up today with an excitement in my spirit.  As I began to worship this morning I knew that I knew the Holy Spirit was about to do something amazing tonight in our group.  I worshiped all day in anticipation.


Yesterday our topic was baptism in the Holy Spirit.  We prayed with the young men to receive the Holy Spirit.  (This culture is very interesting.  I have been learning that the Western world gets very excited about miracles, signs and wonders.  While here in Africa when spiritual things happen it is so very matter of fact and it is nothing to get excited about). As we prayed fervently it seemed as though nothing was happening.  We kept praying for a long time until I said to one that I was praying with I would continue to pray for him and he should keep seeking until it happens.  About 5 minutes later this young man walked up to me very calmly and said he needed to tell me that he saw the Holy Spirit like fire underneath the Baobab tree and while we prayed it rushed across the garden and entered him and went into his heart and it felt like the hot burning fire entered his body.  He then very calmly walked away as if nothing happened. 


As I began to prepare for the topic of study tonight, Holy Spirit prompted me to teach on servant hood.  What it means to be a true servant of Christ.  I was given the scripture John 13 Jesus washes His disciples feet.   I had a vision as I prayed and saw all the young men washing each other’s feet.  I knew tonight was going to be powerful!


There have been many demonic attacks on our group, before during and after each session. Holy Spirit has been teaching me that we must stand in the authority given to us through Christ, this is a spiritual war we fight not an earthly one. So Sasha and I have been taking authority over the prayer hut prior to our sessions and praying in covering and peace and it has made all the difference.  This night there was a strong presence of peace throughout the prayer hut, as if we were somewhere else entirely.


Tonight I knew it was such an important night.  We prepared 4 basins of water and I placed them around the circular prayer hut.  I spoke to the guys about true servant hood and explained why Jesus washed His disciples feet and told us to do the same.  I asked them if in remembrance of Him and His command to serve one another if they would like to wash each others feet and to pray for one another while doing it.  At first they were a bit hesitant, a few of the problem guys in the group just sat there with their arms crossed and silent.  Then they all agreed.  I strategically paired them up so that the rivaling guys would wash each other’s feet.  As I assigned them to a basin they sheepishly walked over.  I did not know what to expect but what happened next I will never forget for the rest of my life.


The moment the guys put their feet in the water they began to pray fervently for one another.  As the other began to wash the feet, spontaneous prayer and worship broke out from the guys waiting their turn.  (Definitely not the usual goofing off that takes place any quiet chance that arises.)  The prayer was intense, so intense the guys were taking their time washing each other’s feet so they could soak in the presence of the Holy Spirit even longer.   Then the true worship began.  Some of the guys began walking around the prayer hut praying in tongues, praising the Lord, while other’s were slain in the Spirit on the ground hands up in worship.  Others would finish washing their feet and then grab their bibles and with an excitement they began to show whoever was sitting next to them a scripture they just stumbled upon and they intently began to read it together.  While yet others were flat on their faces and could not move. 


But the most powerful of all was when the peaceful silence of the prayer hut filled with spontaneous singing that would jump from one of the guys to the next and to the next.  I was filled so much with the presence of the Holy Spirit my legs went week and I fell to the ground laughing and in tears as the voices of these young men echoed like angels in heaven and I am convinced that is exactly what they sounded like. 


There was a young man there that the Lord told me we needed to lift up and encourage as a leader.  For the past several studies he had been stepping up and taking the lead with translating, praying for the others and giving messages.  Tonight he had helped me translate and during this whole event he laid hands and prayed for each of the guys as this all went on.  He was the only one who had not had his feet washed.  Holy Spirit prompted me to wash his feet.


I knelt down and began to wash his feet and the presence of the Lord was so strong I just started weeping and praying in tongues.  The young man began to be filled with the Holy Spirit and his body just jolted about.  Sasha saw me washing his feet and began to walk towards us to lay hands on him and pray.  She made it to only three feet from him and was slain to the ground in the Spirit.  The Lord showed me he would be the one that would lead these young men when we leave.  That he would equip and raise up his people to reach out into the nation.  


As I finished washing his feet and proceeded to walk away, I fell to the ground unable to move.  I couldn’t even speak as I realized I was watching the heavens open up right where we were and the lives of these young men being filled with the fire of the Holy Spirit.  Tears streamed down my face.  One right after the next, being slain in the Spirit, making heavenly melodies with their voices, devouring the word of God, and praying with all their hearts for one another.  It just wouldn’t stop.  It was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed in all my life.


This night I was gloriously wrecked.  We all were gloriously wrecked.  And we knew this was only a taste of what was yet to come.  It was just a glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven…I hungered for more.  This was the night I began to pray to the Lord for a supernatural hunger and thirst that would be unquenchable, keeping me always longing for more, until the day I will actually see His face.  A new hunger had begun…