About “Anita In Africa” Blog

Throughout my missionary journeys I have witnessed many miracles, signs and wonders of God’s Abounding Love for us.  This blog is a chronicle of my journeys (in no particular order) and the divine appointments with others that the Lord has led me to.  These are the testimonies of my faith and witness of God’s Mercy, Grace, Hope and Love.  As I travel this road He consistently reminds me I am never alone, He is always by my side, teaching me, refining me, and leading the way to shape me in an image closer to that of Christ and less of my own flesh.  May these stories bring you closer to the heart of God…

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3 Responses to “About “Anita In Africa” Blog”

  1. Hi Anita, I’m not sure how best to get ahold of you, but I would love to know more about your ministry in Africa! I work with an organization called Soles For Jesus, and could use a photographer when we have trips to Africa. I’m not sure where you’re residing- could you contact me please? Blessings -Stephanie

  2. Anita,
    Hi. I hope all is going well with you today. Your blog about the children and the food miracle just ripped my heart open with joy and reflection. I have so little to worry about. Bless you for the sacrifices you have made. I remember riding with you to Barnett Park for photography class and looking at your album of photos and listening to your dream. I am happy to see you living your dream. God is most definitely working in your life.
    Much Love Sister,
    Donna in Lakeland

  3. For all of my faithful supporters, prayer warriors and friends, this blog will be where I will be posting my ROAD JOURNAL while I am in Africa until I return home. Please feel free to leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you. I will respond to as many as I can with the limited internet connection I will have.

    God Bless,

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