Got Shoes?

So how many pairs of shoes do you own?

Me…I won’t answer that question, it is embarrassing just how many.

Can you imagine what it must be like to never have owned a pair of shoes?

I woke up this morning shivering as I reluctantly got out from underneath my warm cozy blankets. I shivered getting dressed, stepped outside into the biting African winter morning and struggled to get my car to start. As I drove down my dirt road bundled in layers of clothes I passed 2 small children walking only in shorts and a t-shirt, their little feet bare on the cold ground. Several more children ran from inside their dilapidated houses without doors, also barefoot, just to greet me as I drove by.

Can you imagine what it must be like for those children to look at 200 pairs of shoes, some with the top designer names, and be given the opportunity to choose one pair…your first pair of shoes?

Today I was blessed to help deliver 200 pairs of shoes to a village an hour drive into the bush. We arrived and emptied the used donated shoes onto the floor in an “organized manner”…small ones to the left, big ones to the right.

The children lined up. Smiles lit up their tiny little faces. They walked in and began to select from the piles. But something was strange to my westernized mind…they weren’t taking the designer brands…not the stylish Nike or Adidas, nor the designer labeled women’s shoes, but they were grabbing any color, any style, and any condition of shoe just to find one that fits, not even a close fit, just one that would cover their feet. By the end of it some of the hottest shoes in the west remained laying on the floor not chosen.

I stood silent in awe. I realized that in a world of plenty we lose sight of what is really important, the heart of the Father. In the same time we make idols of the things that grab our attention with fancy marketing. I could see how these distractions could keep us from valuing what matters most, God’s unfailing love and perfect provision.

As we get dressed tomorrow morning and go into our closets to decide which shoes to put on our feet, may the children of Africa encourage us to first put on the armor of God and the shoes which really matter the most, those of Peace, so you will be fully prepared- Ephesians 6:13-17. Then we can stand against the temptation of the enemy in a world with so many distractions while standing strong in His presence and being victoriously clothed in His intimacy which radiates from within us.


An Austrailian Radio station put a call out for shoe donations….

70,000 pair of shoes later and here we are, the first container of 15,000 has arrived to Ebenezer in Africa!!!

Children here in Livingstone are not allowed to attend school without a pair of shoes on their feet. Most of the children’s families can’t afford to eat, let alone buy a pair of shoes.

 This donation has been able to supply all 342 children at Ebenezer Orphan School with shoes each term, all of the children at Ebenezer Orphan Homes, multitudes of destitute villages, many of the surrounding orphanages, and all the children that come to us in need for a very long time to come.

 When the Lord gives a blessing it is always abundant!
The work has been tremendous for us the past several months since the container arrived, but to see the beaming faces of the children as they pick out whatever shoes they like to have is priceless. I don’t think I will look at a pair of shoes the same…
Thanks to the Lord in the highest and God Bless you Austrailia!
Love and Light,
 Anita in Africa

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