A Day in the Village; A Lifetime in the Heart

The heat has been tremendous the past few weeks. The rains are about to begin. We have been anticipating the arrival of Debra and Sy from Orlando (Debra is from my home church, Christ Church of Orlando).  They emailed us asking if we happen to live anywhere near where they would be traveling to throughout Africa.  As it just so happened, they are actually arriving in Livingstone!  They are coming to Africa for the very first time and it has been a lifelong dream of Debra, a dream since she has been a little girl. I am excited to have the privilege to show them a glimpse of this part of the world and share with her a tiny part of that dream…

We visited a village called Simonga.  The population is about 3,000, a rather large village.  This is the only village in Zambia run by a female Chief.  Her name is Elizabeth; she had won Miss Zambia back in 1970! We had the honor to meet with her on her porch as she educated us about her village and the local customs.  She stands firm in female education requiring all of the village girls to attend school, unlike most villages.  A statue of a woman stands at the entrance of the school to remind the village of this decree.

Her grandson took us on a tour throughout the village so we could see the actual lifestyle of the people of this area.  Everyone greeted us with warm smiles, laughter, and a surprised shout of “makuwa” (white person) as we walked by.  We arrived at the school and met the head teacher who took us into one of the classes.  The children sang Jesus songs for us as Debra and Sy handed out notebooks and pencils.  They rely completely on funding and donations to function at this school so they were all very grateful to receive. We moved on through the  village and the children began to gather.  We gave out sweets to the children who started to mob us in droves.  It was a fantastic day in the village!

Afterwards I drove them past one of the orphanages I work with called Ebenezer. They had brought us a huge suitcase full of things for the children (thank you Debra, Sy, Carolyn, & the lady in Debra’s apartment complex), including about a hundred pair of children’s underwear that is much needed.  I will be delivering all of it to them for Christmas this year.  We are very thankful, it will be joyously received!

It was sad to see them leave our little part of the world. But I rejoice in the miracle it was that the Lord happened to organize for them to visit us, out of all the places in Africa, right here in Livingstone.  They are off now to enjoy the rest of the beautiful continent of Africa and Heiko and I pray they return one day soon.  If not, we trust their lives have been touched, their eyes have been transformed, and most importantly, their hearts have felt the Father’s love through the eyes of every child in the village; for it is that same love that reflects in our hearts and helps us to fulfill each one of our dreams…





2 Responses to “A Day in the Village; A Lifetime in the Heart”

  1. I am blessed all over again each time I revisit this site. Your reward will definitely be huge.
    Blessings to both of you.
    Love, Carolyn

  2. HI Anita! I have been enjoying myself so much looking at all the pics on your blog! I am glad to see you and your husband are doing so well! Keeping you in prayer…God bless!

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