Orphan Safari


25 orphans.  Two safari trucks.  And me.

Here we are…in the middle of the bush.  Elephants on the left, buffalos on the right.   I am overjoyed about the amazement in the orphans’ faces.  They have lived here all their lives and have never seen big game in the wild.  Their joy and laughter fills my heart.  I am so thankful that God works in so many different ways through me, including this privilege of taking these orphans to experience God’s beautiful creation while embracing His grace.

Our local church here, New Life for all Nations, supports 40 city orphans.   An orphan means that they have either one parent or no parents, due to early death caused by AIDS, Malaria, or some common sickness that went untreated.  There are so many children orphaned they often become burdensome and neglected. 

In Livingstone it is sadly known that neglected orphans sell themselves to anyone willing to give them some food to eat, as little as six years old.  Prostitution is common here; it ibecomes a way of survival.  Abuse is also common for these children as well as being forced into child labor so the relatives caring for them can supply their drinking habit.  It is a harsh reality and when you look at the vastness of such despair you think to yourself how can anyone ever make a difference?
Then comes the answer whispered gently into my ear… only Jesus can!

I had the privilege to be asked by the church to singlehandedly chaperone 25 blessed orphans taken care of by our church, ages 2-15, on a safari through the Livingstone Game Reserve sponsored by our church and a local tour operator called Bushtracks.  They had donated the use of two of their vehicles, two tour drivers and a box of soda for an afternoon safari adventure for these vulnerable children.  This was an exciting day!  The children praised God for all of creation and the angels smiled down upon them as they could be carefree children for a few hours and completely consumed with the vastness of the glory of God.


5 Responses to “Orphan Safari”

  1. Just beautiful! Thank you for what you are doing for these kids:) Miss you!

  2. Hello Anita,
    We met you and Heiko back in May/Jun when we were there w/ a team from Cape Town. We are in the States, returning in mid-Nov. You had once mentioned that we might stay w/you for a few days if needed–just wondering if that offer is still good! We fly into Joburg on 15 Nov where we will buy a vehicle and household goods, then drive to Lstone, probably arriving the 19th or 20th. We will also have a young South African woman who will be working w/us. We are very motivated to find a rental house quickly, can provide our own food and are OK w/roughing it (sleeping on floor if need be). Please feel free to tell us if this fits your schedule! Looking forward to being back in Zambia–blessings to you.

  3. Cyndi B-McPeek Says:

    Soooooo awesome Anita…I am so blessed when watching this; the happiness on those children’s faces speaks volumes..Praise God!

  4. Thank you for this inspirational video, God bless your work with the children in Africa

  5. Keep up the wonderful work, the benefits are out of this world!!!!!!!

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