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Taken up to Heaven

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Hear the voice of the Father… don’t let anything hold you back…Father… He is calling you…come up here, come up now…my Beloved. (These are the words of a song by Jason Upton…they ushered me in to the presence…)


I heard Jesus speak to me, “ Our Father has created you for me.  You must give yourself to me wholeheartedly. As my Bride, the one I love so much.  I am so in love with you, passionately, intimately.  You are my chosen one.  I have chosen you to be my Bride out of all the Princesses.  I have chosen you to be my Bride, My One, My Chosen.  I am so madly in love with you, you are all I can see, and you are the most beautiful.  I am your completeness, your full measure of Love filling you and over pouring, never ending.  You are my delight, my Queen, My one Holy passion that the Father has sealed with a Holy kiss.  You are My Pure Joy… My Reward for My faithfulness on the cross.  My Beloved.  So come up here to me My Bride, My lover of My soul, come up here to me and stand with me before the Father. Be bound to me for eternity as your Husband, your lover, your intimate passion and desire, your true provider, your all and all, your everything, your completeness in the Father.  You are My Beloved.  I have made you beautiful Forever.”


Then suddenly He took me up into the Heavens before the throne of the Father…I stood before him in a white flowing gown.  He was in a white fluid shirt and pants.  He wore a golden crown of garland.  He said, “ I have been waiting for you all your life.  I watched you from the beginning in your mother’s womb.  I took you into our secret garden when you were a child and I watched you grow.  I was there with you every second of your life.  You are so beautiful; you have always been so beautiful.  I have been so in love with you as I waited for you to grow.”  He placed a beautiful crown of white flowers intertwined with gold and green garland on my head.  “I have crowned you with beauty and splendor that can never fade.  I have crowned you beautiful… forever.  You have always been beautiful, you could never have been tarnished.”  He gently touched my face as I touched His and He kissed me on the forehead. My eyes gently closed to linger in that moment a little longer, to feel his Holy lips on my forehead.  I fall to my knees and He joins me, never for one second looking away.  “I have waited a long time for this moment,” says Jesus.  “I am with you always, I can never leave you.”  We stood up and He began to dance with me before the Father.  He said, “ I have placed all the desires in your heart in our secret place when you were a child.  I filled you with all of your hope and love.  You have been promised to me from the Father even before you were born.  I have loved you all along.  You are My Holy passion and one desire.  I love you my Beloved.”



I stood mesmerized before Him with the warmth of the Father looking upon us, filling us, overflowing.  There have never been ashes, you have been beautiful to me all along.  This is all I could see when I look at you, from the beginning before you were born, through your youth, until now and for eternity.  I have loved you so much that love is all I could ever see in you.  There is nothing you could do or nothing you have already done that could change that, nothing.  Come up here so I can heal all the scars with my love.  I fill them all with my love that is never ending and flowing and pouring onto you whenever you need it.  I am your full measure, your completeness, and your wholeness.  I am right here by your side for all eternity My Beautiful, My Beloved,” says the Lord.  “You can always come up here, I will be anxiously waiting for you.”


“Walk With Me,” says Jesus

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Revelation: Key to the Kingdom of Heaven

I was praising and worshiping the Lord early one morning in the prayer hut.  I was all alone basking in the glory of the sun shining through as I looked down over the base and further to the ocean.  The sun reflected onto the water like molten silver.  As I sang praises to the Lord the beauty magnified and it felt like the molten silver turned into a luxurious oil that was suddenly covering my body, filling me with the Love of the Father.  With my hands raised in praise I heard the voice of Jesus say, “Walk with me into the garden.”  In my spirit I could feel the presence of Jesus standing right next to me, His love radiating from Him onto me like the molten love of the sea.


We began to walk out of the prayer hut into the garden that was dry and brown.  We walked to a bench and He said to me, “Sit with me here.”  I sat down and tucked my knees into my chest and gently rocked side to side as if Jesus was holding me and rocking me back and forth like a small child.  I spoke to Jesus and asked Him why did everything have to be dead, why couldn’t we just be transported into the Garden of Eden right now?  He replied to me, “We are.  Just focus on all the life in front of you.”  Suddenly I began to notice all the small daisies hiding in the weeds.  The colors began to magnify.  In an instant small butterflies appeared and were fluttering about the flowers.  I had to touch a flower to believe what I was seeing and I reached down and put my finger on a petal and a small butterfly landed on my finger.  Amazed, I began to look all around.  All I could see were the trees and leaves that were alive, the flowers and vines that crawled through the dead grass and weeds, the flowers blooming amongst the thicket.  The colors…they were all magnified like glistening gemstones.  I sat there speechless, mesmerized at the beauty of God’s love like a firework display before my eyes. 


Then Jesus spoke to me.  He said, “You can always enter into the Kingdom any time you want to, all you have to do is focus on what is alive in front of you.  Death will always be all around, but if you can seek what is alive with life, then you will begin to witness the Kingdom of Heaven manifest here on earth.”


Then He spoke again and said, “Come walk with me.”  I got up and began to walk with Jesus back to the prayer hut where I first heard His voice.  We stood once again overlooking the ocean.  He said, “ This is just a glimpse of how wide and deep the Father’s love really is.  And He created it just for you.  Just focus on what is alive.”  And suddenly I stood there weeping and Jesus voice was gone, but the presence of the Fathers Love filled me to overflowing.


It was Sasha and my last day in Pemba.  We sat and began to journal and the Lord revealed to me that He had given me the answer to my second prayer that we had prayed together when we came here.  We had asked the Lord to show us how to access ALL of the Kingdom of Heaven while we were here on earth.  Suddenly the Lord spoke. He said, “Here is a key to the Kingdom of Heaven, you have been given full access with this key.” 
Then Jesus showed me that I must ask Holy Spirit to birth in my spirit Belief, of the unseen.  I must speak and declare the promises of God out over my life as if it were really in front of me.  In time and faith, belief will be become manifest into existence.  The more I focus on life and the light of things instead of death and darkness I will begin to see more and more of the light of the Kingdom and less of the darkness of the world. The Kingdom of Heaven will manifest before my eyes right here on earth.  Or I should say, the veil of this world will fade away and I will see with the true eyes of the Kingdom instead of the blind eyes of this world. I must just Believe and speak it out, declaring it over my life in Faith.

As I journey to my next divine destination I hold on tightly to this key.  The key to experience life in it’s abundance the way the Lord intended from the beginning.  My spirit is excited for the adventure and revelation ahead.  Thank you Lord for your unfailing love for me and never giving up on me.  Thank you that your love surpasses everything in my life and you bring everything to pass in it’s perfect time.  Thank you for such a time as this.  Here am I Lord, I am all yours!