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The Last Will Be First And The First Will Be Last (Matthew 20:16)


Today started out as every day here.  The sounds of children singing in the darkness at 4:30am, the pounding of the metal pot to signal breakfast is ready at 6am, morning prayer and worship at 7-8:30am.  But today something was different.  I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit strong today and could feel that something was taking place in the spirit realm.  I wanted to just go to a quiet place and spend some alone time in prayer, but I needed to take a broom down to the afternoon village feeding. 


As I arrived to 200 children sitting in the feeding building waiting not so patiently to be fed, I began to feel in my heart the move of the spirit.  I told them a story and began to dance with them.  Then the feeding began.  Chaos began taking place with the children as usual while they fought their way to the front of the line in fear to be last just in case there would not be enough.  We poured water into their mouths from large water bottles as the children bent their heads back like little birds waiting for a drink.  Then the food was served. 


As we got to the last 100 children we realized there would not be enough and we started to ration the food out.  Then there they were, the last 34 children that were trampled and beat on by the previous children remained waiting in a perfectly straight line.  Fear filled their eyes as we all stood looking into the empty pots and plates.  The food was gone, all of it.  All the helpers gathered around the pot and held hands as children watched on with blank faces and somber silence.  We began to pray and ask God to multiply the food, we prayed fervently as tears streamed down my face.  “Feed these children Lord, multiply the food,” we cried out.  But as we opened our eyes the pot remained empty. 


I felt defeated but I just kept praying.  One of the staff went to find some more food and managed to get a pot of rice for only 10 children.  I ran to my room with another girl to grab all the bread and biscuits we had.  We ran back to watch as the pot of rice that would only feed 10 had miraculously filled 40 plates to the top.  We tore up the bread and biscuits and added it to the plates of food.  The children looked on with eyes wide open at the feast that was presented before them.  Then one of the missionaries spoke the words Jesus spoke in Matthew 20:16, “The last will be first and the first will be last.”  We handed out all the food and the children ran off with their plates in excitement. 


Our ways are not always the Lord’s ways, but when He provides a miracle it is not only humbling, it is a feast from the Heavens, abundantly more than we could have hoped for.  Thank you Lord for your supernatural provision and love. Amen.


Visions in Pemba

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Vision: The Battlefield of the Mind

The Lord is pleased with this place.  The Holy Spirit is so strong here.  The moment I close my eyes to pray the presence of the Lord pours out.  Every night I worship with my roommate and the Lord gives us vision, vision from the Heavenlies.  He has spoken to us and said He has unlocked the doors of His storehouse and given access to anything we ask for in Faith and it will be done.   Every day we are anxious for our nightly invitation and visitation with the Lord and overwhelmed that He has chosen us to have access to the Secret Place.  Humbly we sit before Him and call out for His love to pour over us as we pray for the things placed on our heart through Him.  We pray and He comes…


The first day I was here the attack began.  The battlefield of my mind saying I am not worthy to be here or to worship to the Lord, I have no purpose, what good am I, I am a stranger in a strange land where I don’t speak the language; then the night attack began, I felt like I was suffocating and could not fall asleep or I would stop breathing; and the dream, the demonic dream too horrible to tell.  In the morning I awoke and went through the day praying for the Lord to draw close, to show His face but He would not come, just silence.  Then my roommate Sasha confided in me that she experienced the same thing. 


In that moment the Lord spoke to me.  He reminded me that it is a battle of the spirit and we were under demonic attack.  “I also tell you this: if two of you agree down here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you.  For where two or three gather together because they are mine, I am there among them. (Matthew 18:19-20).  That night it became clear, the Lord had brought us here, ordained this time with Him, to strengthen us, renew us and prepare us for the work ahead and the two of us were commissioned to pray together.   So we prayed over the demonic spirit and attacks and it was gone, in the Name of Jesus.


I always find myself praying, “Lord change my mind to be like yours”.  He showed me through the battlefield of my mind I was being transformed.  “This is not a war of flesh but a war of the Spirit realm,” He said.  “I must take you through the flames of battle to recognize and discern the arrows of the enemy from the thoughts of Christ so you may know the Truth and your mind may be transformed through with my word I have placed on your heart.  You must go through the battle but you will stand strong on the pillar of my word and I will strengthen you and protect you always.  You are being built up in me for the war ahead, you must recognize this is a war of the Spirit not of the flesh.”  His words took me to Hezekiahs poem of praise in Isaiah 38:15-16 when Hezekiah stands humbly to the hand of the Lord and praises Him for His discipline that leads to life.


I praise your will and discipline Lord God.  Thank you for choosing me to be your warrior, to calling me into the front lines of battle that I may collect and lift up your children to join the war against the enemy and know your all mighty and powerful love.  I praise your Holy Name Abba Father.

Vision: Angel of the Lord to Prepare the Way           

Last night the Lord showed me a battlefield.  He said it is a battle of the Spirit realm that goes on.  We are more in the Spirit realm than in the flesh.  The flesh is meaningless and will fade away.  But the battle is in the Spirit realm.  He showed me the flames and disaster of the wages of this war.  It was so heavy… so heavy.  I was scared with a fear, a fear I have never felt before.  There was a wall that was built up but not high enough to keep the war from me.  The Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me that He was interceding on my behalf during the times I sleep and the times my guard is down, but I must strengthen myself for the battle ahead.


Suddenly Sasha saw an angel of the Lord come into the room, a massive angel that stood from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.  He placed new armor on Sasha and I.  He gave us new armor, shield and a flaming sword.  The Lord said, “I am preparing you for the battle, I am renewing your weapons and strengthening your Spirit.” 


Then He spoke to me and said, “ I am sending you out to collect my Bride, to prepare my Bride for my return.  I will send an angel before you and lead you into the land I have prepared for you and you will gather my Bride.”  He showed me a giant silo and the souls of His children were filling it up quickly while His pure love lit it aglow.  He said He was building up a storehouse of His love to build up an army who will walk in faith to the battle lines and lead the way to the war front.  Then I saw the souls being filled and strengthened with His Spirit and dispersing from the silo into the battlefield.  War, flames and destruction surrounded everywhere and the lights of the souls raged forward in strength. 


Every single soul from the earth was there and the Lord spoke again, “ This is when I will return to save my Bride, to collect my Bride.  This is when I will come to save you all and bring you into my secret place.   When they have all been told, when those who have chosen to Believe have all been prepared to join into the battle.  The time is now.  The demonic force will be so strong that they can no longer take one more moment and they all cry out in Faith, “Father save us! Jesus save us!”  This is when I will return to take home my Bride.  I need all of them; I will not leave one behind.  Go and collect my Bride.”

I opened my eyes and the fear of the Lord came over me.  My flesh feared the battle ahead but my Spirit resides in peace.   


In strength in my blind Faith alone Lord I will go for you Jesus, Here am I Lord, prepare me and send me into battle.  Thank you for sending me to collect your Bride, I will bring her to you Jesus.  Amen. In strength in my blind Faith alone Lord I will go for you Jesus, Here am I Lord, prepare me and send me into battle.  Thank you for sending me to collect your Bride, I will bring her to you Jesus.  Amen. 




Road Journal: Arriving In Pemba

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Greetings from the beautiful country of Mozambique,


I arrived at the Mission Base and was welcomed by hundreds of children.  The base camp is situated across the road from the ocean.  The view is breathtaking, but the children are even more beautiful.  There are 250 children here that have been taken in as orphans or rescued from the streets, children that where sick, dying, abused or just left behind.  Only a wall separates us from the local village to where we live so the villager kids integrate with the base kids.  Every day over 1,000 children get fed a hot meal. Over 700 children attend school for free because of donated money to the ministry.  There is a mission school here, housing for all the base children, a dining hall for the base kids and 4 feeding halls for the village kids, a school, mission housing and a medical clinic and offices.  The entire ministry is run on faith donations for they do not actively fund raise.  This place is a living testimony of God’s Love and Miracles.


I helped with the feeding today.  The ministry has a saying that with Jesus there is always enough.  I washed hundreds of village children’s hands today so they could eat.  Some of them as small as 3 or 4 years old will carry small plastic bags with them so they can take home half of their plate of food or whatever is left over on anyone’s plate, to help feed their family. I can’t even begin to explain how humbling and heart wrenching of an experience this was when I think that I come from a country where we have well more than enough that we throw away our leftovers.


I had my first opportunity to work in the clinic today as well.  I cleaned out my first wound here.  I have been trained in the US as an EMT and only have been able to train and watch.  I have been nervous about treating patients due to the fact that I get nauseous and dizzy at the sight of blood, but the Lord is faithful and we can know it is a miracle when we can do something not by our own strength.  Today as the doctor said the words “ does anyone want to clean out a wound?” I found myself looking around for someone to speak up, but I was it.   As I unwrapped the filthy bandage from the boy’s leg I began to pray, please Lord may it not be infected and full of puss.  And well, it was a large deep tissue burn that looked really bad that I needed to clean out, treat and rewrap.  For an instant I thought to myself I hope I don’t pass out, but before I knew it I was cleaning the wound.  By the time I was finished I was excited to see the next one and the next.  Only the Lord could have given me the strength and excitement to do what I thought I could not do, only the Lord.


Today as I worshiped in church 8 children crowded in on my pew to sit with me.  They began to fight with one another as to who would hold my hand.  One little girl from the village wrapped herself around my arm and laid down in my lap and fell asleep while the others grabbed for me to wrap my arms around them, as yet others braided my hair.  These children are starving for love and to be held.  There are just so many of them and I keep praying, “Lord let me love one more, one more and one more.”   I can only continue to pray that the Lord keeps pouring more love into me so that I can love even more, so that I can love the way Christ loves and I can heal with my hands and prayers the way Christ healed.  For today, my second day in Pemba, this is my prayer.



God Bless you all,


Anita In Africa